Thursday, 31 May 2007

When Elephants Do Ballet!

When elephants do ballet
In sequinned pinks and blues
Traversing street and alley
Squeezed into pointy shoes
The whole world goes doo-lalley
To see the moves they make
But when elephants do ballet
The whole world starts to shake.
While most of us are fretting
Over how to pay our bills
They are blithely pirouetting
In their swathes of starchy frills.
How the ground beneath them wobbles
In a slightly scary way
As they leap over the cobbles
And their muse leads them astray.
When elephants do ballet
Birds fall out of trees,
When elephants do ballet
Milk shakes into cheese.
See them gaily sashay; Divas, every one.
When elephants do ballet
It's time to turn and run.

By 'Potato of Terror' (? Who?)

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Il grande chef said...

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