Sunday, 20 May 2007

Calendula Skin Salve

I've had some calendula flowers sitting in some oil on the windowsill for a couple of weeks now, ready to make some skin salve. This recipe is taken from 'The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book' by Josephine Fairley.
(This balm is great for rashes, itching, sores/inflammation etc).
Place 25g dried calendula flowers in glass jar and pour on 15oml olive or sunflower oil. Leave to steep on sunny windowsill. Shake often and after three weeks, strain through paper towel - squeezing and pressing flowers until last drops are filtered.
Heat this oil in double-boiler with 25g beeswax. Stir until thoroughly melted. When right consistency is reached (test by dropping small amount onto a saucer and freezing for 1 minute) pour salve into a wide-necked jar and allow to cool, where it will solidify. Reheat and add more beeswax for harder salve, reheat and add more oil if salve is too hard.

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