Sunday, 27 May 2007

Few more rag dolls..

I didn't make the one above; she sits atop an old sewing basket half-way up the stairs and has that lovely vintage-look.
I made heaps of this pattern by Brenda of Primraggs, some I sold on my craft stall, some went to the school fete and some I saved for gifts. You do need a few special tools when they're so tiny, as turning out the arms & legs gets a bit fiddly otherwise.

Just love the bright yellow fabric on this dolls dress.

This primitive-style angel was designed by a local lady of Sun Valley Primitives. There are some lovely patterns available and she has a great website.

I think I made this one after seeing a design from 'Up in Annies Room'; one of the cutest faces of all. She's got a little pair of velvet mittens around her neck. I remember having my mittens on a piece of string when I was little, going from one sleeve of my coat through to the other so they wouldn't get lost!! (Might be a good idea to tie a few more things onto my coat just lately..)!

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