Sunday, 20 May 2007

Darug Aboriginal Country - Euroka National Park

Kookaburra's cheeky as ever! How's that laughing when there's a whole bunch of them...

Had a wonderful time camping at Euroka clearing. The little ducklings were so sweet. They'd been a fair bit of rain so plenty of ponds for them to swim in.

Smell of wood fires filling the air... peacefulness descending as last of day-trippers leave.. a mother tenderly YELLING KIDS WHERE ARE YOU; I'M NOT PUTTING THESE DAMN TENTS UP BY MYSELF..(oh yeah, that was me...)!!

Thousands of cockies sweeping in from overhead (drowning out the kookaburra's laughs with their loud squawking)!

I had to get up early for this shot but it was worth the effort! The ensuing fight (too engrossed to get a photo) was better than any boxing match on TV.

The sign at Euroka Clearing. It really is a special place.

Cockatoos in flight.

Did I mention I love the roo's...?! This is the same pair again, just stopping for a good scratch and a quick bite to eat before resuming the punch-up - just typical male behaviour really...

So much excitement for one morning - just got back in time for the bacon and eggs.

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rhonda jean said...

Lovely photos. Well done.