Sunday, 20 May 2007

Natural First Aid Kit

Aloe Vera plant - I've got a few of these amazing plants in the garden. Especially good to treat minor burns & scalds - just break off a piece and apply the natural gel to skin. I use it also for the starflower (borage) mask and any other excuse I can find (even for the odd wrinkle)! Its just so incredible I don't even think the experts fully understand all the properties it contains yet.
I keep Arnica cream which is great for bruises.
Tea tree essential oil is great to keep on hand for cuts, grazes, athlete's foot etc. as its a natural antiseptic. If the kids get head lice just put a few drops in a spray bottle with a bit of hair conditioner, fill up with water and spray onto scalp. It relieves itching straight away and the nits hate the oil. Use nit comb to remove them and any remaining eggs. In fact, if you spray daily with this as they're on their way out the door they won't ever get them in the first place (they'll moan about this but not as much as you'll moan when they pass the damn nits onto you!!) Trust me, I know.
Honey (especially if you can get the New Zealand Manuka honey) is excellent as a skin S.O.S. Its naturally antiseptic, can be applied to cuts, grazes or used for break-outs or for sore, blistered lips.
Lavender essential oil is great for minor burns. One of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin.
Rescue Remedy - an absolute must for stressful times (like when the kids give you nits)!!

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