Sunday, 27 May 2007

Recent Plantings

OK, I'll get this out of the way first up. This, believe it or not, is my celery! And if I could knit, (I won't tell you what I'd do with the knitting needles...) but I'd have nice warm possum socks for Winter....

More strawberry plants - I had these in a nice strawberry planter, but they restrict growth so much, then dry out that its far easier just to plant them in the garden. I now have some mini-tomato seeds sprouting that I might try in the planter. They just hang over the sides then and you pick as you need them.

Tarragon in the herb patch.

Pineapple Sage - couldn't resist this after smelling the leaves.

Passionfruit - every garden should have one. They don't need alot of care, and what's a pavlova without this fruit? It just took off within a couple of weeks, and is now starting to cover a bare fence.

Lemonade tree - I keep looking for the tap... haven't found it yet!! I'm not going to show you my pitiful lime tree, all the leaves fell off and it just looks like a twig in the ground. I'm hoping it will revive by Spring.

Ahh, blueberries. Can't wait to get some fruit from these couple of bushes that I planted. Its so expensive to buy a small punnet, but they're packed with so many nutrients, don't think they'll make it into the kitchen!

Keriberry is grown commercially in New Zealand. Its a berry, similar to a blackberry & raspberry, and has quickly started to shoot up the fence. This will be easier than going blackberry picking here; we went up to Cox's river a couple of years ago and I picked heaps of blackberries. The friends we were with thought I was quite bonkers as blackberry bushes are not viewed as food plants, rather the worst menace in the bush. I did get a few scratches, but it was still worth it! You can get thornless blackberries for the home garden now though.

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