Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Slow Cooking

This is an Aussie Croc Pot!!!....
...but really, this is a croc pot, commonly known as a slow cooker.

I love my slow cooker. Its great to come home in the evening and dinner is ready and waiting - and the house is filled with wonderful smells. My favourite is beef casserole, which can be really economical if you buy gravy beef, at around $6 a kilo. Throw in whatever vegies are in the fridge; sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini etc. with diced tomatoes and stock. Jamie Oliver has a good tip to really add some zing to your casserole - just before serving, throw in some garlic, fresh rosemary and lemon juice. Today I made a goulash for a change - very warming on a cold day in the mountains.

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