Thursday, 17 May 2007

Borage - Starflower Face Mask

Taken from the lovely book by Josephine Fairley - The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book.
This plant has beautiful blue flowers on it, but it can be invasive once established in the garden. The juice of the plant is soothing to damaged or irritated tissues. The leaves can be made into an infusion or tea and used to bathe the eyes. Try this miracle-working face mask to soften and 'plump' dry skin.
2 capsules starflower (borage flower) oil
50g aloe vera flesh
1fl oz plain yoghurt
10 fresh borage flowers (in season)
Snip oil capsules or use equiv amount from bottle.
Blend everything together (aloe vera flesh is quite hard to blend, so I use an electric herb chopper to zoosh all ingredients). Massage into skin of your face & neck, avoiding eyes and mouth area, whereupon the most extraordinary thing happens; within 15 minutes your complexion will have soaked up almost all of the mask, and look plumped-up and younger. Rinse well with warm water, pat dry and moisturise as usual.

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