Monday, 21 May 2007

Redwork Embroidery

With winter underway, its good to have some simple little stitchery projects to work on, while snuggled under a big warm quilt on the sofa. I particularly love redwork. Calico is cheap to buy, and you can give it an 'aged' look by spraying with water/gravy browning. (Look for 'Queen' - Parisian browning essence in food aisle, along with other food colourings). You can use a coffee/tea mix but the tannins will eventually break down the fibres in the fabric. Buy a small amount of iron-on pellon, and attach this to the calico before sewing. This will give your work a nice 'padded' or quilted look. Finish with a rustic frame. I have also used these to cover family photo albums.

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