Monday, 28 January 2008

Last of the Summer Garden....

.....reminds me of these guys - used to love 'Last of the Summer Wine'!! If you ever go to the UK you must visit Yorkshire - a place called 'Holmfirth' where the series is made. You can even have a cuppa in the actual cafe - which closes temporarily when they're filming. (I bought mum a pair of Nora Batty's stockings from there!!) He's a couple of great links if you also love the show;-
Holmfirth, UK
Traditional Yorkshire Recipes

I've never laughed so much as when Compo had a go at water ski-ing - his faithful buddies pulling him alongside the creek on a motorbike...!!

I'm getting side-tracked here....!!
The kids were keen to pick the sweetcorn and try it. It wasn't exactly a great success though - I think we had left it too long. I will use this space for something more productive next time. I cleared alot of the Summer stuff out that had gone to seed this weekend and dug over the beds. I added lots of worm castings from my worm farm which is going great - they have multiplied and plough there way through just about all of my kitchen waste each week to make lots of rich compost; and the liquid is great as a weekly booster for all the plants.

The strawberries have been lovely though - just not enough of them...

..And the tomatoes have been sensational. I'll remove the last of the vines in another couple of weeks and plant something else in there. Wished I'd planted a few more though as there's still only just enough to make salads with - I'd like to have tried some preserving and sun-drying; guess there's always next year!

....must be time for a glass of that wine!

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