Sunday, 20 January 2008

Folk 'n Blues

I knew I'd be wasting my breath trying to get them to give me a go with their magnificent flying machines; 'girls germs' and all that, so I came home to do some guitar practice - just started having lessons with a very inspiring teacher and folk musician, Nigel Foote. He's got a fascinating biography on his website - well worth a read.

I can now play 'happy birthday', 'silent night', 'house of the rising sun' and 'a-soulin' with the melody and base; - To quote Nigel from his biography '1963-64 Went to Peter, Paul & Mary concert at Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney. Hooked! Gave up the piano... fell in love with Mary!' They played a brilliant version of 'a-soulin' at the concert which he's given me on cassette; and although I'm playing it much slower it really feels like you're getting somewhere with it; chillin' out and having fun all at the same time, even after just a few lessons. Practising certainly isn't a chore as I remember piano used to be in my younger days.

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