Monday, 28 January 2008

Awesome Chocolate Muffins

I've been making this one for so long I can't remember where I got the recipe from. Muffins are one of the quickest recipes to throw together and it's also one of the most popular with the kids. We just dolloped some of the butter icing on top, but they're fine without.
You need;- 1 and a qrter cups plain flour, 3 tbspns cocoa, 2 tspns baking powder, half cup soft brown sugar, 100g butter, 2 eggs, half cup milk, 1 cup choc chips.
You;- sift the flour, cocoa & baking powder into a bowl. (or not!) Stir in sugar. Melt the butter in the microwave. Beat the eggs & milk until combined. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and add butter, egg mixture and chocolate chips. Mix to just moisten only - this is the key to making great muffins - and to get them in to the pre-heated oven straight away. Bake at 190 degrees celcius for approx 20 mins. Makes about 12. Use muffin cases if you have them - otherwise just put mixture straight into greased muffin tin.
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