Monday, 28 January 2008

Home-made Lemonade

Bec & I have found a great recipe for fresh lemonade and there's nothing better on a hot day - it's very quick too; we started making this just as the barbie was fired up.

You need;- 2 lemons - halved, 2 limes - halved, half a cup of caster sugar, a few basil sprigs and plenty of ice cubes. It's very refreshing just with cold water added, but you could also add sparkling mineral or soda water.
You;- squeeze the juice from the lemons & limes (zap them in the microwave first for 30 secs to help release the juice). Strain into large jug. Tip in sugar and stir well until it's dissolved. Put some of spent citrus skins into jug - or freshly cut slices, along with the basil and fill with ice cubes. Top up with the cold water to taste.
Now all that's left is to pour a glass for the chef, slaving over a hot barbie!

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