Monday, 28 January 2008

Back to School Time

Yep - it's that time again.... 'relief for parents'.. whoops I mean - 'Back to School' time.
I reckon Aussie parents have it particularly tough; there's the silly season with over-hyped kids and Christmas expenses; Summer holidays - all 6-8 weeks to keep them occupied & entertained; and for those working parents without extended family (who aren't teachers) - the dilemma of how to juggle working hours and child-care and still have enough left over (cash and energy that is) to take them to Big W when the 'back to school' flyers start arriving in the mail box and announce (cause your too worn out to do anything else) 'OK guys - just take the trolley and get what you need'. Oh yeah...BIG mistake!! So, what do you do? Spend the next 2 days in the kitchen cooking up a storm so there's actually something to put in that expensive-'but its really cool mum'-lunchbox that they managed to sneak into the Big W trolley.... and you wonder why you're so stressed and it's still only January??
.....Well, have I got the best tried-and-tested recipes for you!
And if you put everything in portions - ie. 2 x cookies/1 x slice of cake/ 1 muffin or cupcake etc. wrapped in Gladwrap in the freezer - there's a good chance you won't have to do any more baking for at our house - 2 days!!

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