Sunday, 2 December 2007

White Ribbon Day

30th November is a day to take a stand against domestic violence. It's sad to think that Christmas is the busiest time for women's refuges around Australia, not to mention the many other women and children who suffer in silence. This is a poem I once wrote at a particularly low point in my life - I share it because it's often hard for people to understand the sense of isolation and despair that results from abuse, and the repercussions that can last a life-time.

The Day After

You'll forget how painful it is.
How cruel those words can be.
A few days later you'll hardly believe -
That it really did happen 'to me'.
I survived - didn't I?
Lived to fight another day.
Don't kid yourself this time -
Its not worth the price
That you'll have to pay.
They're bullies, they're liars
They're cheats & low lifes -
Picking on the vulnerable,
Their kids and their wives.
Things go smoothly
For most of the day.
So what triggered it this time?
You'll hear yourself say.
There's no rhyme or reason -
You did nothing wrong.
They're insecure little boys,
Who'll steal your sweet song.
Depressed and alone
Embattled and torn,
This wasn't what God intended
The day you were born.
What happened to us?
That we expect so much less -
How did I get here?
You begin to confess.
Then the kids
And the fear
And finances entwine,
Leaving no voice
For yourself to pine.
We pick up the pieces,
We force ourselves on -
It's no way to live though,
Life's one big con.
But if you can take it...
One day at a time,
Trust in a greater force
Just one small sign
You can learn to be free -
Gain peace of mind.
Move through the fog
And one day find -
That there is a safe place
Where the sun does still shine,
And you reach the conclusion
That life is devine.

(Original poem by Lisa S - please acknowledge if reproducing, thanks).

... And to all the guys that treasure they're families above all else and treat others' with the respect they deserve (even when things get tough) - good on ya!!


Kez said...

Thank you for sharing that poem.

....Lisa said...

Thanks Kez - I'm sure it's something we've all experienced, if not ourselves then someone we know; more openness about the problem can only be a good thing...