Sunday, 2 December 2007

Summer Garden

Strawberries are doing well.

As are chillies/capsicums

My 'birthday rose' is in full splendour with two weeks to go!

Recent planting - 4 frangipani tree's; all different colours.

I chopped at the comfrey plants with a spade, and they've all started to flower and shoot up all over the place... great for compost.

Tahitian Lime Tree

Another thing I should have mentioned that is vital for seed raising - that is air circulation. This is my little green-house that I keep some shade cloth over for when it gets too hot.

Another good idea with the polystyrene 'kitchen garden' by the front door, is that when the seedlings are ready to be pricked out, you can pop them in this ready-garden for the next stage. They are well protected from predators, they are handy for watering, and you're more likely to keep an eye on them and plant them into the main veggie patch when they are big enough to take care of themselves. I planted out heaps of silverbeet today as I can't seem to grow it fast enough for our needs.
This is the special pumpkin/melon bed (or rather, large compost heap) down the back that is doing so well thanks to all the rain we've had. I use liquid fertiliser on it every week too. exciting!!!

These are the sweet potato (kumera) plants that I put in a few weeks ago.

I'm sure that insect wasn't on the tomato when I took the photo!! Probably a cicada - they're so loud at the moment; and they're empty shells are all over the garden.

Sweetcorn - trying to plant a few new ones every couple of weeks for regular harvest.

So all in all, and especially thanks to all the rain we've had over the last few weeks, the garden is looking wonderful. Eating plenty of fresh lettuce, herbs, beans and snow peas and looking forward to tomatoes, berries, sweetcorn, capsicum hopefully by Christmas.

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