Sunday, 2 December 2007

More Fah la la la la la la.....!!

Bec's Hand-crafted Christmas Wreath!

The house looks lovely all lit up - I just followed Bec's orders and hammered nails in where she decided they needed to go.... she's turning into a regular little bossy britches!!

Excuse the crap photo's - too many folks borrowing my camera me thinks...

We have a stocking each..

I love our little collection of Christmas books; 'An Aussie Night Before Christmas' is my favourite.

And of course...we each have our Christmas hats - 2 elf one's for the boys, a crown - of course, for me, Bec has a santa hat with 'I believe in Santa Clause' embroidered on it, and Gavin has this hilarious santa hat about 4 foot long that doesn't quite fit cause his head's too big.

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