Monday, 22 October 2007

Glenbrook Market

Had a lovely time on Saturday browsing around the markets. This is my garlic plant from the organic fruit & veggie man. I buy garlic bulbs from him aswell every month, and use in just about everything. I tried growing it last year by planting some of the bulbs - not sure what happened to them though! I'm not going to miss these in the garden...

Lovely bars of soap from the Hemp stall - hemp and olive oils with wonderful essential oils. Stuck them in my chest of drawers until needed so they make everything smell great. I've been meaning to make some more, but haven't quite got around to it!

The vegies are grown out at Orange; I love the Fuji apples and they have heaps of potato varieties.

The plant man. Love roses, but don't have anywhere to put them. Got some dianthus for the window boxes instead, and a lovely deep pink geranium and a climbing plant.

The bread man. Love the organic wholemeal sourdough.

Glenbrook - home of the.......gnomes!! The market is held at the primary school on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

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