Saturday, 27 October 2007

Garden - October

Plants can look so incredible on the labels that its easy to get dis-heartened when they don't turn out anything like that even after several months. This rosemary for example; I've planted it at the front of the top terraced bed, in the hopes that it might cascade over just like the picture. Even if it doesn't, I'll love it anyway because it's named after my grandma and I like to be surrounded by things that bring back special memories.

This is French Sorrel; it looks alot like silverbeet. I really need to put some better plant labels in as I have a bad habit of forgetting what something is then pulling it out when I'm on a mad weeding spree. Checked them all out and I like the Diggers one's best, as they're not made of plastic like all the others so time to put an order in me thinks.

This is horseradish - stuck it over by the compost bin as it can get a bit rampant apparently. A guy sells food plants outside the food co-op on a Friday very cheaply. Picked up a boysenberry this week.

I love nasturtium in the garden - must get another packet of seeds. Started this one climbing up the verandah post. There's also a honeysuckle climbing up another post but it's taking a while to grow - can't wait for it to take off to scent the air on a Summer evening, along with the jasmine.

More wildflowers keep appearing - thats what's so great about throwing a mixed packet in. This was the 'blue & pink' mix from the Diggers club, which is meant to produce various flowers at different times throughout the year, rather than all at once. The blue ones look like nigella, or 'love-in-a-mist.

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