Sunday, 10 February 2008

Easy Bag Tutorial

This little bag is quick and easy to put together, and you can have alot of fun with fabric and trims. First of all, you need to draw up the pattern. Ruler, pencil and paper is all that's required. It's worth spending a bit of time to get it accurate as this will then be your template for every bag you make - you can then transfer the template to cardboard or template plastic. (Click on link below; right click and select 'save image as'. Save to desktop and/or print it out).

You need;- 20 cm fabric for straps and bottom front of bag. 25cm fabric for back of bag (I use same as bottom front/straps). 10cm fabric for top front of bag. 25cm (cheaper) fabric for lining. 30cm Lightweight iron on interfacing. 10cm Ribbon for loop. 30cm Trim for front of bag. 1 Button.
1cm seam allowance has been included in pattern pieces. Use matching thread for a much better finish. Remember golden rule - RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER before sewing anything.
Using pattern, cut out interfacing, lining and fabrics. Iron the interfacing to the fabric pieces. With right sides facing, sew the top & bottom fronts together. Sew the trim over seam on front.

With right sides facing, sew bottom & side seams together.

To form the base of the bag - match the side and bottom seams - sew straight down this line. It will look like the photo below. Trim the seam.

Repeat with the other corner - your bag should now stand up by itself. Do exactly the same with the lining - sew side and bottom seams. Then match side & bottom seams and form base - only this time leave a 15cm opening in the bottom seam so that you can turn the bag through later.

Fold the straps lengthways, right sides facing and sew together across one end and along the side. Turn right side out and press.

The quickest & easiest way to do this is to use a tube, which you push into your strap (or arm/leg if making a doll) and push a stick into the fabric from the closed end. The stick pushes into the tube and turns the fabric tube right side out in one easy step. You can buy these online very cheaply if you can't find them around the home - it's money well spent.

Topstitch your straps to add a nice decorative touch. It's all these little steps that give a more professional finish (OK, my stitching's a bit wobbly; guess I like the homespun look more)!

Measure 7cm along front and back of bag from side seams and place pin. Use this as a guide and pin handles in place.

At back of bag at the top find the centre and pin the ends of the ribbon in place to form a loop for the button. Sew the loop and straps in place. Your bag should now look like this.

With right sides together and matching the side seams, place the bag inside the lining and sew around the top of the lining/bag sandwiching the loops and straps inside.
Trim the seam allowance around the top of the bag.

Turn the bag through to right side and hand stitch the opening in lining closed.

Your bag is almost finished. Give it a good iron now before topstitching around the top edge, and sewing the button in place.

And of course, the best part - wrapping it up and giving it to someone special...

Once you've got the hang of this easy bag, it's time to start making up a few more in different styles; you can't have too many bags!


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