Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Winter Garden

Well this is the terraced veggie patch that Gavin completed a few months ago - I planted a green manure crop to start it off (OK, I threw a handful of fenugreek seeds in to see what would happen...)
With all the rain we've had recently they took off really well - there's allsorts of odd vegies sprouting up aswell from the compost though - heaps of tomato plants.
Working very hard all week, so its lovely to relax with the sounds of the water fountain on the weekends. Bec and I even found these waterlilies at the garden centre (OK, I admit it, they're fake..) hopefully the productive veggie patch will make up for it!
I've finally made a start - got a heap of lucerne and bags of organic compost - as well as the small amount of my own compost that I've been able to make from all the veggie scraps - it was full of worms, so must be pretty good stuff. Should be very healthy soil by Spring-time.
The 'before' picture!
There's something so 'rustic' about a bale of hay - I wouldn't have minded just leaving it there as it was - just looking at it made me feel more in touch with nature...
The only butterflies around at the moment are these lovely ornamental ones that the guys brought me back from the Plaza the other day, made from glass.
The lavender has started to flower after a slow start - one of my favourite plants.
This is the 'Lady Diana' rose that mum & dad got me for my 40th Birthday last year. It flowered for the first time on my actual birthday which was very special; its just come into flower again and I can look out the kitchen window and see it. I loved the concert that Wills & Harry gave for their mum the other day on TV - you can't hide true beauty - no matter how much mud is thrown at it....
My violets are now in flower - what a beautiful colour!
The calendula is doing really well too. Despite the fact that its been snowing further up the mountain (and unfortunately, I'm now working up there 'bbrrhhhhh'...) the garden still has plenty of colour - I thought alot more stuff would die off, so its a nice surprise. Even most of the herbs are still hanging around, apart from the basil.

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