Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Chasing Your Dreams by Veronica Weal

Chasing Your Dreams © 2003 Veronica Weal

There's a weary young boy swimming lap after lap
On a cold windy day after school;
But the grandstand is empty, there's no one to clap
When he finally climbs from the pool.
But his mind remains focused, he blocks out the cold,
And he thinks of a future that gleams
With a brightness reflected by medals of gold -
He's a boy who is chasing his dreams.
There's a waitress who works in a run-down cafe
In the town that she always called home,
And she dreams, as she's clearing the dishes away,
About London, and Paris and Rome.
In the evenings she works in the pub, serving beer,
With no time to herself, so it seems;
But she cheerfully strives for a goal that is dear -
She's intent upon chasing her dreams.
On a street in the suburbs a young couple stare
At the house they are hoping to buy.
It is old and neglected, but what so they care?
They are young, and their hopes are set high.
Though the mortgage and bills wont be easy to pay,
And misfortune may wreck all their schemes,
They are planning extensions, and children one day -
And together they're chasing their dreams.
There's a man who lies still in a hospital bed,
And his body is blackened and burned.
He's a volunteer firefighter, left there for dead
When the wind unexpectedly turned.
And his wife prays to Heaven to keep him alive,
As her world falls apart at the seams;
But the staff are amazed at his will to survive -
Single-minded, he's chasing his dreams.
On a drought-stricken property out in the west
Starving sheep dig for roots in the dirt.
And the owners push scrub - they are doing their best -
But they're beaten, they can't stand the hurt.
Then the rain tumbles down, and their weak new-born lambs
Are submerged by the fast-rising streams;
But the rain keeps on falling, it's filling their dams -
So they'll stay, and rebuild all their dreams.
You need strength when misfortune must be overturned.
You need courage when put to the test.
When the things that you want are not easily earned,
That's the time for producing your best.
And the bravest are those who will never give in,
For tenacity often redeems;
So they fight to the end, and quite often they win -
For they never give up on their dreams.
There are times when those dreams will be hard to achieve,
There are times when you'll stagger and fall;
But you'll pick yourself up, if you truly believe
You can triumph in spite of it all.
For the goals that you reach for can only be won
If you carry the fight to extremes,
So refuse to give in; Never say that you're done -
And don't ever stop chasing your dreams.

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