Sunday, 4 November 2007

Currently reading...

These 3 books are great - I've read them all through, but these are the sort of books you keep handy and keep on referring to. They're all Australian - 'Easy Organic Gardening' by Lyn Bagnall is packed with info on organic gardening and includes a really good guide to each fruit/veg and moon planting guide - basically everything you need to know. As mentioned previously, 'The Permaculture Home Garden' by Linda Woodrow is my absolute inspiration and full of brilliant advise, and finally 'Living the Good Life' by Linda Cockburn is a great read by someone I admire greatly who has walked the walk, before talking the talk. A very down-to-earth and witty account of one family trying to live for 6 months without spending a cent. Christmas is coming - put 'em on your list, you won't regret it!!

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