Sunday, 23 September 2007

Kids Quilts

I really wanted to make the kids a unique quilt each. This is Zac's - he helped to design it by drawing lots of monsters, which I then appliqued onto black squares using lots of bright fabrics.
Dan was in the air force cadets when I made his - so I pieced lots of airoplanes together and used the ADF colours for his. Machine-quilted it in a stipple effect which worked really well on the background, and finished off with a tartan border. The little red propellors are embroidered on.

Yes, hi Bec!! I haven't forgotten you... this is Bec's 'handbag' quilt in lots of bright colours. Two of the bags (somewhere) can have secret stuff stored in them, as the flap lifts up to reveal a hidden pocket! Looks great on her bedroom wall - alot of work though!

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